Director Marc Reisbig brought us his treatment for this commercial showcasing VW Norway’s achievements so far this year (2012). Every scene of this commercial was it’s own intensive design project:

> A VW Golf built entirely from wooden blocks on display in a large presentation room.

> A landscaped conveyor belt with built in parallax scrolling.

> Creating a perfect replica of an as-yet unreleased car exploded into it’s composite elements and then rigging it to animate together in mid-air.

These challenges and more were then to be brought together in one continuous shot set in a series of museum rooms.

Using a wide variety of materials, scales and styles we designed and produced every technical element to minute detail.

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    I've just relocated to Portland, OR from London, where I worked (and ran a company) as an art director, set builder and prop/model maker.

    I have designed and produced models and sets for all aspects of commercial advertising, photography, installations and film / TV specialising in stop frame animation.

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