Ben & Jerry's

In this, my first opportunity to work with BrandNewSchool and their New York director Dennis Go, I was given the task of bringing to life the iconic Ben & Jerry’s mascot “Woody”.

Usually only seen in a 2D format, the script involved Woody travelling through a variety of environments on his search for new ice cream flavours.

With my team, I designed and built a poseable Woody puppet that could interact with the props that we created for her. We also undertook the rigging for the job, no mean feat as you will see in the behind the scenes photos.

Behind the Scenes Photos

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    I've just relocated to Portland, OR from London, where I worked (and ran a company) as an art director, set builder and prop/model maker.

    I have designed and produced models and sets for all aspects of commercial advertising, photography, installations and film / TV specialising in stop frame animation.

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